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Saturday, 15 August 2015 06:43

Open Letter from Davie Roodt (Economist) to SA

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davie roodt

Top economist, Dawie Roodt wrote an open letter on Facebook "to all South Africans" outlining a five-point plan on how things could be improved in South Africa and stated that he have no intention to emigrate, after being seriously hurt during an armed robbery at his home.


"Last night was the first time I slept like a baby and it takes some time to get over everything but I feel amazing, the family is all happy and it is life as usual." Roodt, his wife, their twin toddlers as well as his grown-up daughter were tied up in the study and held at gunpoint while the other criminals ransacked the house for valuables. During the robbery there was a power failure in the area and he used this opportunity to free himself, the statement said. One of the assailants noticed this, at which point Roodt convinced him that he had money in his vehicle in the garage. While in the garage Roodt attacked the assailant, who then stabbed and cut him multiple times. In the open letter, the economist listed three points that we need a proper functioning state or government.


Extracts from the letter:


1) "Start a process where all civil servants (SOE's included) are required to reapply for their jobs. And henceforth only employ on merit, not by virtue of contacts, favours, social requirements or nepotism.


2) Fix the state so they can do their job properly.


3) Establish a world class skills development system (education) immediately to support a growing and thriving economy.


4) Remove all obstacles to employment. Do not ''create jobs'' but stop preventing willing people from creating their own jobs.


5) We need proper political leadership because we have weak political leadership, we have a government that is ideologically confused and undermine or constitution and economy." 


Roodt says when he saw his daughter standing in the door way with the robbers he saw South Africa in 10 years' time. "It was not a pretty picture. I saw young unemployable people, I saw people with weak and bad education and I saw violent people. I saw the South African economy in a way and that is why I wrote this letter. We have to say we don't accept that South Africa is robbed and kicked around like that by the way it's being treated by our political leaders." Asked if after the experience he thought about leaving South Africa the economist admitted to thinking about it.


"I thought about packing my bags and leaving my country but you can't change your country. I saw evil that night but I also saw the way people worked together and the amazing support from South Africans so how can I leave this country?"


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