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Tuesday, 11 April 2017 08:27

Open letter to Parliament: Where have all the heroes gone?

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The narrative: The door is open and the adder slithers through parliament. Deadly and paralyzing; the venom does its work indiscriminately. Good men and women, powerful men and women fall prey to the fangs, axed in a moment. The reptile finds its way to the NWC and with one barrage of poison paralyzes them — silence. The creature grows in power. Its forked tongue hisses with relish, his eyes locked on the goal. Complete control. There is a struggle but the serpent is not alone: guptadder, corruptadder— a whole family. It is time for a hero to rise up and save the people.

Who will it be?

Fairy tales belong to the fantasy world, not the real world. However, when worlds merge there will be catastrophic results.

Do some politicians really think they can successfully destroy the dreams of millions of South Africans by doing it their way? Those who have not been mesmerized by the adder's eyes and tongue must raise UP valiantly. Have all been paralyzed by fear? Are there none left? Where are those stalwarts of the past who spoke out so fearlessly against oppression and corruption?

Junk status is the result and yet South Africa is not junk. What has happened to the team that was in control of the game? The ANC's skills have proven to be worse than any other team in the world — and we are getting frustrated. In fact, millions are frustrated by spiking University costs, high food prices and higher inflation coming our way.

Will your name be in history books for not standing up against the adderous leadership that slithers its way to self-indulgence? Surely, you would prefer to be associated with those who broke the grip of the reptile, freed the prey from its grip and halted its course of destruction.

There is very little time left. Take action now.

Miss Bongiwe Mhlongo

CYPSA Spokesperson

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