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speechWe, the youth of South Africa are so fed up with the power that be. Our future is dark.

Most Governments protect their citizen’s right to freedom of speech and the freedom to practise the religion of their choice by means of the Constitution. In South Africa, new laws will pave the way for an era of oppression and persecution because of the whims of our dictators.

As the majority of South African youth wait for the delivery of promises for better housing, improved health care, affordable and accessible education our Government is playing games and preoccupied with drafting new bills. It’s a matter of Rome is burning while the bosses braai.

The proposed Hate Speech Bill is designed to criminalise everything, from actual hate speech to harmless comments or comic cartoons, in newspapers and on social media. Any communication which is considered "abusive or insulting", any act of "contempt or ridicule" of a person, or ‘group of persons’ could be punished with a 10 year prison sentence.

The majority of the people of South Africa have not been consulted. We have no say. Our poor and rural communities have once again been marginalised and are forced to read these laws in English and Afrikaans.

We might soon find only one party in the ruling benches in parliament while the rest are handed prison sentences if they dare to debate the issues of the day, or speak on behalf of the people, which might ‘offend’ the speaker of the house.

We find these bills offensive.

1) The Hate Speech Bill will make ordinary human expression (verbal, gestures, displays, expressions, illustrations etc. which also includes the use of e-mail and social media) punishable for up to three years in prison.
2) The Bill assaults freedom of expression and muzzles the media into pleasing the ‘powers that be’. There will only be one voice, the voice of the one in power.
3) Not only is it a threat to freedom of speech and thought, but also to religious freedom.
4) This proposed legalisation would give the ruling party more power to jail and silence any opposition whatsoever.
5) The Commercialisation of Religion Bill will allow the ruling party to dictate all forms of religious expression and beliefs.
6) These Bills are setting the stage for political and religious persecution, especially if it criminalises healthy debate about religion and politics.
7) According to this legislation, whistle-blowing corrupt activities could be construed to be hate speech.

Indeed, freedom of speech and religious freedom will become reasons for state capture.

The agenda behind these bills is obvious to us. The next General Election is very soon. Is the ruling party fast tracking their agenda to silence the opposition, the people and eradicate democracy, while trying to escape corruption and criminal investigations by the ICC?

Will South Africa become the latest pawn in a battle between dictatorship and democracy, freedom and oppression?

CYPSA Spokes person: Bongiwe Mhlongo

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Beleaguered after many years of struggle, our hard fought democracy is once again under attack!

The reason? An over-hasty and badly drafted hate speech bill which has been tabled to be hurriedly pushed through early next year.  Why?


1.      This bill is intended to ‘smother free speech that lubricates a free society’ (William Saunderson-Meyer Weekend Argus). It seems as though we are heading back to the repugnant apartheid years. In those years the media was censored and now they want to censor us too. We bewail our freedom and are deeply disturbed. Our country has recently put in motion South Africa’s withdrawn from the ICC. All the skeletons and corrupt deeds of parliamentarians will remain in locked cupboards. Although we can smell the decay of corruption, we will all be muzzled into silence. Our democracy is on the verge of dying with no one to help.


2.      Hidden in this bill, is a stipulation that any type of communication that might just offend someone, will be coined ‘hate speech’. While we agree that the current law that speech should not incite violence, we are curious as to why this bill needs to be drafted at all?


3.      The failure of this bill lies in the fact that it is so broad in its application - even criminals might ‘feel offended’ when their crimes are brought to book. 


4.      Ambitious prosecutors could also (mis)apply this bill to frame anyone they choose to dislike. Indeed, our freedom of opinion and our freedom of speech is under attack. 


5.      Our newspapers and media outlets will publish news devoid of any truth, for fear of a 10 year prison sentence.


6.      The media, imams, Shembe leaders, ministers, priests, ART leaders, Nkosis, parents, we all, will be muzzled or end up in prison for 10 years, for merely airing an opinion (not even inciting violence) that offends someone. Would there be enough place in prison for all these people?


7.      Only two lying witnesses are needed to bring a motion of ‘hate crime’ against anyone who stands in the way of criminals being prosecuted or any person who takes it upon himself to protect the beloved democracy of South Africa. The subjective inclusions within this bill are enough to accuse anyone, even public protectors. They will merely become stringed puppets at the beck and call of the powerful.


Yes, we are bereaved. Our democracy has been sentenced and is on the death row. Our flame of liberty and freedom will soon be snuffed out by this oppressive law. The struggle that so many held dear, is slipping from our hands, and we have become captured and restrained by this badly devised and devilish bill, that a few powerful individuals aims to force through quickly early next year. During 2017, South Africa’s democracy will have ended


We ask ourselves, who are these people who want to capture our freedom yet once again?


We, as all communities within South Africa don’t want this Trojan horse as a New Year gift! 



Published in Press Releases
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