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Friday, 14 November 2014 09:10

Netherlands Call for a Ban on Prostitution

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1. We stand for equality    ban prostitution

Prostitution deprives the equality of man, as defined in Article 1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The dignity of the body is deprived because it is sold and bought, where man is seen as a commodity.

2. We stand for freedom

Prostitution takes away the freedom of man (a violation of Article 3 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights), because of the abuse of people who are in a vulnerable position. Research shows that many prostitutes have experienced (sexual) violence (Kramer & Berg, 2003) at an early age. In addition, the majority of prostitutes are from a weak economic environment and/or part of an ethnic minority (UNECE, 2004). The above factors provide a limited choice and increase the risk of ending up in prostitution. In risky situations, such as prostitution, International research shows that a majority of prostitutes have to deal with all forms of violence (Farley et al, 2008). During work many of the prostitutes suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder. In fact, some of the prostitutes in the Netherlands experience freedom to such a limited extent, that it can be reclassified as slavery (a violation of Article 4 of the Human Rights). Many prostitutes are victims of human trafficking (CoMesha, 2013).

3. We stand against the legalisation of prostitution: it did not work in the Netherlands

The legalization of prostitution in the Netherlands has failed to reduce abuses in the industry (Daalder, 2007). Research has shown that legalization of prostitution increases human trafficking (Cho, Dreher & Neumayer, 2013; Jakobsson & Kotsadam, 2013). The Netherlands is now entreating for the outlawing of prostitution. By making a sexual service an offense, it is possible to take strong action against trafficking of human beings and at the same time protecting the vulnerable. Moreover, this step in making prostitution unlawful will encourage freedom and equality for all. "I'm priceless". "Sex is priceless".

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