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Friday, 14 November 2014 00:00

Zuma Sending Information Bill Back to National Assembly

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"President Jacob Zuma declined to explain fully why he found parts on the protection of state information bill problematic, when pressed by the media, which prompted hours of speculation as toinformation billthe exact provisions in question and the extent of possible amendments.  Confusion grew when his spokesperson Mac Maharaj indicated that Zuma may have meant to refer to different sections of the bill but he later retracted this.  Earlier on Thursday Zuma said he could not sign the bill into law, because it was incoherently drafted and, therefore, unconstitutional.  

Since the bill was adopted in April, Zuma has been lobbied not to sign it into law, but to refer it to the Constitutional Court for certification.  Asked why he did not take this route, the president responded that the Constitutional Court was not in a position to amend the bill, and that only lawmakers were.  "I sent it to the people who will fix what I think is wrong," he said.  Zuma's announcement was widely welcomed by critics who have campaigned against the legislation for years.  The bill was deemed a throwback to apartheid-era state secrecy when it was first introduced, and over almost three years of drafting the ANC was forced to retreat from some of its most controversial clauses."


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