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Friday, 14 November 2014 00:00

Info Bill Causes Many to Question

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According to the Freedom of Expression Institute, the protection of state information as within the proposed bill remains a questionsthreat to South Africa's press freedom.  

"The recent passage of the protection of state information bill by Parliament is a glaring reminder of this growing threat which, if signed into law by the president, would only serve to further curtail press freedom," said FXI executive director Phenyo. A further problem however, is that  "The bill still does not offer journalists and whistle-blowers full protection, leaving them liable to prison terms."

Butale argues that the "glaring gaps" in the bill would entrench a culture of secrecy in society and would promote self-censorship among journalists. The tight punishments instill fear among whistle-blowers.  This is something that does not agree with a democratic society.

info bill 3Butale further debated that "History has shown that in societies where journalists and whistle-blowers are not adequately protected, corruption thrives and transparency and good governance suffer."  Little power may corrupt little, much power may corrupt much.  Many on grass root levels in all the provinces are currently questioning this bill and its motivation to have it in pla

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