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Wednesday, 22 April 2015 14:42

Sthabiso's Story

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I was a drug addict, but it didn't start with the "hard" drugs, it started with cigarettes!

I was doing grade 7 and I wanted to impress my friends. They already smoked and one day I told them that I wanted to try smoking. They gave me a cigarette, I coughed a lot and told them that cigarettes were not for me. One of my friends told me that it was just because I was not smoking the right way, that in time I would get used to it. So I began smoking. My parents told me to change my friends as they were no good for me but I would not listen. It didn't end there. Some of these same friends also smoked dagga. I would watch how they used to smoke dagga and then laugh and enjoy themselves, and I was deceived and attracted by this lifestyle. 


One day I found these friends in the bush smoking dagga and I asked them to give me a pull. About 15 minutes after smoking I was already very high! The following day I was smoking again and immediately it became a habit. I was 15 years old and doing grade 9 when I became addicted to smoking dagga and I told myself that I would never quit dagga as long as I lived! Despite my dagga habit I managed to pass matric. However, my results were far worse than they could have been. By the end of high school I had also began to associate with gangsters. After school I got a job with a company in an industrial area in Durban. I was earning good money. By this time my friends were no longer smoking only dagga, but many were now smoking a new drug called whoonga (heroin). People were saying that the high from whoonga was much better than the high you got from smoking dagga.

I was on my way home from work one day when I met up with a group of friends who were busy smoking whoonga. I asked them if I could try it. From that day on I smoked whoonga (heroin), and with every cent that I got my hands on I thought only of buying more of this drug. Despite my good salary I never brought home any groceries, I never bought new shoes or clothes, or even new underwear when I needed it! My entire salary was spent on smoking whoonga.One day my work contract came to an end. I had no income and now I was under pressure to continue to fund my drug habit. I started stealing things from home which I would sell so that I could buy drugs. Things were not going well in my life, but God sent someone across my path who asked whether I needed help. I told him that I did and he told me of the Concerned Community, a place where people who wanted to quit drugs could get help. I thought that I was going to a "rehab" where I would find medication, injections and a "detox" programme. I was amazed to find that this was no "rehab" centre at all. They told me about God, and that He was the only one who could help me to be truly free from my addiction. I was able to sit with a child of God, to confess my sin and to be prayed for. I took a decision to change my life and live for God. 

Today, because of God, I am not the same person that I used to be. I was a nobody and God has made me somebody! I want to thank God and the Concerned Community for what they have done for me. 

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