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Friday, 14 November 2014 07:15

Drug Awareness and Human Trafficking Outreach to Atteridgeville

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As the concerned community we went to about 21 schools in Atteridgeville/Saulsville. It was a wonderful time to see both dagga2teachers and learners ready to hear everything that we wanted to share with them. We spoke more about drugs for example Nyawupe ( Wunga), immorality, alcohol, teenage pregnancy, human trafficking, Satanism and other related issues. We realized that many school children are involved with drugs both in High schools and Primary schools. The children were always willing to hear more from us and they asked many questions.

The teachers and the principals urged us to come back. We went with 5 of our Concerned Community boys (ex-druggies) to testify about that which the Lord has delivered them from.  Many were deeply touched including the parents. Many parents had the desire that their children could change and be like those testifying. We could speak to about 16 500 school children.  We were also invited to an orphanage that has about 70 children from the age 2 -26 years old. They were happy to have the Concerned Community and wished we could stay with them. It was also very emotional for us to see so many children without parents. Many of them were challenged because we were more or less the same age as them.  These young people shared with us their problems and we could encourage them. 

We were invited to the ANC youth league meeting which was honored by 150 people.  They were deeply touched and invited us to speak to a bigger audience because they said their children are facing the same problems that were addressed in the meeting. Some who want to quit liquor and smoking came to ask for help and many parents were asking us to come back to speak with their children.

On the streets people had noticed our car and were asking us to come and address their young people. Some were surprise to hear that there is different life apart from drugs, alcohol and other wicked things that people do.  

We build a good relationship with the city councils and they were so happy that we came and helped us with some of the arrangements. They promised to create job opportunities for some of the young men from their area that have been helped from drugs.

We were interviewed by 4 radio stations from Cape town, Limpopo, Port Elizabeth and JHB. They were so amazed about what we are doing and were shocked to here that we volunteers we are not paid a cent and yet we are doing our work whole heartedly. They were encouraging us to visit their provinces because they are facing the same problems.

In conclusion we must say while at different schools we realized that those school children are in need, they are bound and confused they need the youth to reach out to them.  They despirately need others to tell them the truth about life, drugs and sex.  Some suggested that because of the current slant of the Life Orientation curriculum, imoral and pornographic TV shows and home circumstances that suicide is an alternative way to escape from all problems.  We could bring hope to the despondent.  hope1

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