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Friday, 14 November 2014 07:36

Enough is Enough: Outreach to Vaal Triangle

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Enough is enough! No more drugs! There is a way out! You got yourself in it, but you cannot get yourself out. We were also told once you are trapped in drug addiction, there is no help. But there is a way out! There is hope! Jesus Christ is the only way out. We did not get free in the Rehabs, but the Concerned Community cares, the main ingredient in their care is love".

Six young men who were helped by the Concerned Community and was set free from drug addiction were members of the team to the Vaal Triangle.  They spoke to the youngsters in schools in their own language and out of first-hand experience. The motto was: There is a way out!

Pupils responded and reacted very positively to their messages of hope. Many asked to be helped out of their addiction. Advice was given to those who wanted to break with their habits and craving to always wanting to go “masaduka” .
-You are ready for help once you have decided: enough is enough. No more drugs. It is wrong. Then victory is in sight.
-Get rid of all cigarettes and anything to smoke in your home, destroy it.
-Try to have no money on you.
-Do not leave home to go and have fun. Stay at home and keep youself busy in the garden or with cleaning.
-The first three days are crucial. The “arosta” (pain in lower abdomen) will be terrible, as well as the headaches. Drink very hot coffee or eat hot porridge, something soft and hot helps against the pain. Drink a lot of water. The body gets rid of stuff through the bladder. Persevere for three days, then the pain is gone.
-Switch your cellphone off, make it impossible for yourself to be reached by your friends.
-Do not follow the same route to school. Nyaope or Woonga is sold at bus stops.
- God cares for you.  He wants to help you out. Pray, pray, pray.
The team was saddened that people parading as well-doers actually serve as satan’s instuments increasing the suffering of the needy youth. Invitations to four community radio stations opened a door for us to broadcast our message to thousands of people in the Vaal Triangle and Soweto.
Back at home we still receive phone calls from those young people who need help.  Some want to come to our centre for help because they say they cannot manage to come out of the addiction on their own.
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