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Friday, 14 November 2014 11:04

Boland and West Coast Outreach

Written by CYPSA
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I was really excited when I heard that the CYPSA team will be joining us in Cape Town for a combined outreach. The September 2013 outreach in conjunction with CYPSA, that was so fruitful, was still fresh in my memory and I had great expectation in my heart. For the first time I was involved with the preparation for the outreach. We spent a lot of time phoning and sending emails out to schools and other organisations.

In the past we focused our efforts on the ravished cape flats region. This time Mr George Oesche felt that we should focus our attention on the neglected West Coast and Boland regions. We would usually focus on high school learners as our target audience. This time we addressed primary school learners too. We were shocked to learn that almost all the problems that high school learners face were prevalent in the primary schools. When asking a grade five class how many had been exposed to pornography almost three quarters of the class put up their hands. After one session two grade seven learners started fighting outside, one learner then took a knife out and stabbed the other learner. This shocked me, but gangsterism and violence is the norm for many coloured communities in Cape Town. The children just act out what they see in their communities. When asked in the class who has seen someone shot or killed in their communities, most put up their hands.

The amount of negative input that these young people get is enormous. They get bombarded by wrong examples through their communities, the television, social media, peer pressure etc. It was so wonderful to bring the truth to them. It was amazing to see how attentively these children would listen to us doing our presentations. Many came and admitted the wrong things they are involved in and asked for a way out. Many were involved in destructive behaviour thinking it was perfectly normal because nobody ever told them it was wrong.We are still planning a training day for a group of teachers that approached us saying they do not know how to address these issues the learners are facing. Furthermore the special school in Paarl asked us to speak at their parents meeting. The same school wants us to facilitate a camp for some of their learners.

Every time I am involved with an outreach together with CYPSA it is like something in my life changes and I get a greater love and enthusiasm for this task that has been entrusted to us. I was touched by the unity and purity in which the team operated. My thanks to all involved and especially to those that stayed behind to pray and support us spiritually.

We await your next visit with expectation. It has truly been a life changing experience.

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