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Friday, 14 November 2014 00:00

Economy: Nationalisation an Option?

Written by CYPSA
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privatizzazione COSATU and some political leaders are still busy with their plans for the mines, farms and banks of South Africa to be nationalised...  



It means that some political leaders want the state to have ownership of the mines, farms and the banks, especially.


 Some argue that if the state is the owner of these big bags of money then the state will distribute the wealth  fairly among the people...


  •      "Will the state really manage to do it?"
  •      "Is our government trustworthy enough to look after the nationalized resources of our country?"
  •      "Did our government show us in the past that their main aim is to serve the people rather than themselves?"
  •     "Are they really free from corruption and greed?"
  •      "Why do we so often read in the newspapers of  people in high positions using the money for themselves which was meant for community development?"
  • "Will the people we trust not fill their own pockets with the riches and leave us to become poorer and poorer still?"
  • "Can COSATU and ANC Youth League give us a guarantee that corruption in the government will stop when nationalisation is planted in our country?"  
  • "What is meant when they speak about the people?"
  • "Or will those who have ownership over the mines love the money so much that they rather keep it all for themselves?"
  • "We are concerned because no one of these leaders have ever walked this way of nationalisation before.  Maybe they are tempted to try and see if it works. But can they really handle such a big and risky experiment?"
  • "Can they trust one another to secure the well-being of the people of the country?"
  • "Can they really trust one another to be loyal to the Constitution, the country and its people or will they favour  a certain group above another?"
  • "Does our government allow itself to be corrected by the people?"
  • "Then we would like to turn their eyes to countries in Africa who tried nationalisation and failed miserably. We would like to ask our leaders to learn from the history of Africa and not make us suffer because they do not want to see and hear."
  • "What is meant when they speak about the people?"
  • "Will the people who get a share only be those who belong to certain political parties, or certain regions?"
  • "Will the 15 million who receive grants from the government, still continue to receive that money?"

The following countries in Africa who tried nationalisation and failed miserably...leaving us with even more questions and doubt... 

  1. Nigeria tried it round about 1975 and by 1994 the whole Nigerian banking system was totally bankrupt. Who suffered? The people.
  2. Ghana tried it in 1975 and after sixteen years the country sat in a great difficulty, the banks could not operate any more. Who suffered? The people.
  3. Tanzania nationalized its banks in 1967 en by 1980 the state bank could not even process cheques any more. Who suffered? The people.
  4. Uganda gave it a go but also failed so miserably that they sold the bank to Standard Bank in 2002.  Who suffered?  The people. 
  5. And what about our neighbouring country, Zimbabwe?  “Zimbabwe was once so rich in agricultural produce that it was dubbed the "bread basket" of Southern Africa, while it is now struggling to feed its own population.  About 45 % of the population is considered malnourished.”

                                                                         (Extract from Wikipedia)

Where will nationalisation lead our country? 

The same way as other countires in Africa, like Zimbabwe, where the suffering op ordinary people is beyond description: hunger, unemployment, no medicine, money that has no value ?

 We keep on asking ourselves,

               what kind of tree will grow out of the nationalisation seed

                       and what kind of fruit will we pick from this tree?


Resent research revealed that Nationalisation did not improve living conditions of the worker... 

May our government be wise and save us from the plight of nationalisation!

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