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Friday, 14 November 2014 10:15

Satanic Panic Grips Schools

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"The KZN Department of Education is much aware of Satanic incidents occurring at schools in the province.  In fact, the MEC Senzo Mchunu had repeatedly called on churches and others to help address the issue.  Although the KZN department did not sign a memorandum of understanding with religious groups to address "harmful religious practices" in schools like the Gauteng Education Department did last week, Mchunu's calls for assistance was the same, said spokesman Muzi Mahlambi."  (IOL news)

Satanism in KZN schools is on the rise and incidents of "possession" is a worry to the communities.  Occultism 4

  • Last week, some pupils in a Secondary School have been tormented when they saw snakes, while others behaved as if they were possessed, screaming uncontrollably.
  • In a separate incident, a pupil was found practising witchcraft in the toilets at a Secondary School in Chatsworth.
  • Satanists are alleged to have stabbed 14-year-old Kamogetswe Sefularo in Randfontein earlier this month.

Children are exploring satanism in search for something different.  We, as the Concerned Young People of SA believe, that these searching children  are not aware of the bondage that occultism brings about in exchange to the promised lure of power and influence. In fact, 20% of all teen deaths in SA, is the result of suicide.  In addition, dabbling with the occult, according to Dr Kurt Koch, does lead to depression and various kinds of bondages (B7 as explained in his book below).  Another worrisome fact for many groups is that some novels, prescribed in schools this year, encourage learners to experiment with the occult.  

Earlier this month, Gauteng Education MEC Barbara Creecy visited Kamogetswe's school and confirmed that 10 pupils had been identified as being involved in Satanism - although not directly linked to murder.  Creecy signed the memorandum of understanding with religious groups to help address "harmful religious practices" in schools. (The anti-harmful religious practice strategy is a step to protect pupils from spiritual attacks and abuse.)  

We as the Concerned Young People of South Africa are therefore available to support the Educational Department, principals, teachers and the youth.

Contact us at (032) 481 5742 for help and visits to your community, schools and churches.  We provide free counselling, talks and spiritual help in order to deal with this problem.

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