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Friday, 14 November 2014 00:00

20% of SA Teenagers Consider Suicide

Written by CYPSA
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20% of SA teenagers consider suicide

More than 20% of South African teens have considered suicide.  This alarming rise is a concern to the community.  

The South African Depression and Anxiety Group (SADAG) has highlighted that many teens feel depressed and require help. 

Elizabeth Matare, CEO of SADAG argues that  teachers need special training in treating and handeling signs of depression amongst the youth. "In most cases teenagers don't share their feelings with anyone at home. 95% of our learner's time are spent not at home but spent with teachers. I think teachers while training in colleges must be taught how to detect signs and symptoms of stress and depression in our teens at school."  She also argues that "I think we must take cognisance of the fact that life skills orientation programme in schools are effective but we don't have enough life skills orientation teachers in our schools."  She states that people who commit suicide are not always attention seekers.  She urges that all that make statements about attempting suicide need to be taken serious. "They need help; they need something that will encourage them."  

The Concerned Young People of SA (CYPSA) is dedicated to work towards a better future for the youth.  Therefore we are streaching out a helping hand to all those that are depressed.  Please contact us on our hope line, we would like to encourage and help you to overcome depression.  We have also a variety of speakers that can speak on this topic. We provide help and speaking tours to schools and communities for free.

There is hope!

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