How Marcel was Helped

I started smoking dagga (marijuana) and then various other drugs while I was in high school. I was rebellious and became involved in crime in order to feed my drug addiction, and finally dropped out of school in grade 10.

I stole and sold my mother’s gold jewellery that she had inherited from my grandmother. This must have been very hard for my mother, as she had experienced similar behaviour from my father as he also used drugs.

When I started to use tik (crystal meth) things became even worse. I had planned to steal money from my mom’s purse one day, but something held me back and I couldn’t do it.

Instead, I spoke with my mom and told her that I had a problem with drugs. She sent me to a ‘rehab’ but it did not help me. Four times I went to ‘rehab’ but in the end it was only the Lord who could help me.

Because of something wrong I did, I had to be sent to one of two places for help. Thankfully, I chose CYPSA!

The message preached at CYPSA was what I needed. I have gone back and made right with people who I wronged, including the owner of a business where I broke in and stole. By God’s grace the owner accepted my apology and forgave me!

Today I have a new hope for the future. I am completing my schooling. I am a member of CYPSA, the same organization through which the Lord has helped me. The Lord has truly helped me to escape from the dark and evil lifestyle I lived.

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