Fezile finds freedom…

It is not easy to be quiet when the Lord has done good things for you. And when you remember what He has done, you just can’t go back anymore. I am the worst sinner of them all, who has been given a second chance by the Lord.

Upon completing my high school studies I went to the University of KZN to further my studies, where I was enrolled in an Actuarial Science programme. While at university I became independent for the first time in my life. I started to abuse alcohol.

While at UKZN, I was offered an opportunity to go and study medicine in Cuba. With all of the grand things that were taking place in my life, I started believing I was invincible and capable of doing things on my own. However, once I was in Cuba my drinking habits continued. At that time in my life I did not want to hear anything that had to do with the Lord or the Gospel.

During one of our drinking sprees, two of my friends died. From then on things started going ‘south’ and I was completely out of control. I suffered from depression and became completely dependent on alcohol. In order to recover I went to see a psychologist and enrolled myself in an AA programme. But all of this did not help and I became more frustrated than I was before.

A decision was taken that I return home to South Africa in order for me to sort my life out. People thought that perhaps I was home sick – or that I needed to perform a ritual involving the ancestors. Once back in South Africa I simply continued drinking, until one a day a friend pointed me in the direction of KwaSizabantu Mission.

When I arrived at KwaSizabantu mission things were very difficult at first – but I was pointed to the Cross. After hearing a clear explanation of what was taking place in my life, I began to confess my sins. Day by day things became better.

I thank the Lord for people like Rev. Erlo Stegen and Aunt Lydia Dube, as well as the many co-workers at Mission KwaSizabantu who made it possible for a hopeless sinner like me to find his feet again and to be able to restore his dignity and family relationships.

Your contribution will never go unnoticed, especially by those like me who benefitted from your unconditional love of God, which is not only based in theory but is exhibited by your deeds in the theatre of each and every day.

Currently, by God’s grace, I am working at the water bottling factory based at KwaSizabantu Mission as a Quality Controller. I am in the process of returning to my studies and I have made things right with my family members and those whom I harmed during the times when I was under the influence of alcohol. Each and every day, God continues to prove to me that he is indeed a great God. If you let him guide you, you will never go wrong!

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