1.2 Million persons have been killed since the legalisation of abortion in 1996. This number is a concern as it is a lot more than the 34-people killed at Marikana. This is the reason why doctors, nurses, pharmacists, paramedics, those that have had abortions, children, parents and grandparents of all races gathered at Gateway, Umhlanga in protest of such legalisation.

Although the intention of the abortion law, as proposed at parliament, was to hamper back street abortions, this law has shown to be ineffective costing the Department of Health millions each year. This money should rather be spent on sick people in dire need of medicine and skilled staff. Furthermore, back street abortions are flourishing. 

Today, the womb turns out to be a dangerous place, which leaves the unborn child with no voice and no rights. 

Taking part in the march of 5km, were health professionals, various NGO's and church groups, a biker group and the KZN VIP protection unit. It is a serious thing when death is chosen to solve our economic and moral problems. South Africans need to rethink this issue.

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