Cannabis is still strictly controlled in India, with much of this control being in the hands of the State. Some room has been allowed for medical research and diversion for rehabilitation is in place for those arrested for drug offenses

Recreational use of cannabis however remains illegal in India after a recent petition to have the drug legalized was rejected by the High Court of India.

A second application was dismissed in the Delhi High Court, with costs of Rs 10 000 in July.



A crackdown on cannabis culture in China is predicted. China views dagga as a threat to the well-being of society. Chinese media recently ran a campaign warning youth about the harms of dagga use and laws around this drug have not changed.

The Chinese are of the opinion that the cannabis culture which is making inroads into Chinese society, is a result of cannabis legalization which took place in North American states. They view this influence on their youth, especially exchange students who have visited the United States and Canada, in a very poor light.

A Chinese prosecutor issued a warning to students who may encounter dagga whilst studying in foreign countries that they should exercise caution, as such activities will not be tolerated upon their return to China. 'Cannabis culture' has been referred to by some Chinese as 'virus' which pervades their culture.



Two thirds of Brazilians are against the legalization of dagga and say that its use should remain prohibited by law.

Should Brazil legalize marijuana?

Strict regulations and controls are are in place that allow for people to apply for the import and use of legitimate (tested and manufactured medicines containing some of the chemicals found in the cannabis plant) cannabis-based medications. This is subject to the presentation of a medical report justifying the use of the drug, the necessary amount and time of treatment and a prescription from a medical doctor must also be submitted.

A declaration must be signed by the patient stating that the medication will in no way be abused.

Use of dagga remains strictly forbidden in Brazil for both recreational and for 'medical' use that is not in line with the requirements as stated above. Prison sentences for drug trafficking (including dagga) have actually increased in the country.

Any medical and scientific research involving the cannabis plant is strictly controlled and is only carried out by legitimate scientific bodies, through legitimate research methods. Brazil is not in favour of cultivating any cannabis for these purposes in their own country and state that dagga for research purposes and for the purposes of producing medicines will be imported from abroad.


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An American student was arrested and detained in Russia after being found in possession of a 19 grams of what they claimed was 'medical dagga'.

Russian authorities said that paperwork carried by the student which alleged that the dagga was for medical use is not considered valid in Russia.


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