According to Dines, a professor of sociology and women's studies at Wheelock College in Boston, 36% of Internet content is pornographic. Dines states that, online porn brings in total revenue of $3,000 per second. On average, one out of every four Internet searches is about porn. Pornography is the public health crisis of the digital age.

Anderson, founder of Sensibilities Prevention Services, a Minnesota-based training and consultation business, expressed similar beliefs and explained why she and Dines believe there is a public health crisis. Anderson refers to the past 20 years, and said there has been a transition from soft porn and Playboy magazines, to graphic, violent Internet porn, and the age group of those viewing porn has expanded to include younger and younger children. She sais the shift of type of porn is the largest unregulated social experiment ever.

DrHilton, a neurosurgeon from the University of Texas, associates porn with the shrinkage in the brain's key reward areas. The more pronounced pornography usage, the more shrinkage occurs in that area of the brain, modifying behaviour

Cooper, who is CEO of Development and Forensic Pediatrics, believes that there are a lot of ways that porn can be harmful to children. She connected the viewing of porn to potential pedophilia. "We see children harmed when adults use child porn as a plan of action for abuse against children," she said. Another way that children can be affected, she said, was through forced viewing of adult pornography. "Sometimes adults show youth porn to seduce them," she said.

Farley, executive director of Prostitution Research and Education, thinks that "the sex industry also harms the rest of us," adding that "sexual entrepreneurs count on our tolerance. Farley believes that the real lives of those who are trafficked or prostituted are often indisputable from those who are victims of violence."

Layden, director of the sexual trauma and psychopathology program in the Center for Cognitive Therapy at the University of Pennsylvania, stated that 25% of college women experience a rape or attempted rape, and that women who are exposed to porn as young girls are more likely to feel negatively about their bodies, have less support for women's equality, and are more likely to think that rapists deserve less time in prison.

Following the experts was a father -- Ed Smart, whose daughter Elizabeth was abducted and raped at age 14. She was held for nine months; the case made national headlines. He spoke about his daughter's abductor, Brian David Mitchell, and how he had been first exposed to porn at a young age by his own father. Porn provides the slippery slope to abuse.

Ernie Allen, former president and CEO of the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children stated that. "I am a lawyer, and I believe in free speech, but this content is not protected under the first amendment."

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