I come from KwaMashu in Durban, I grew up with four siblings in a good family and was given everything I needed and attended church. My problems started when I was still in school and I was slacking in my studies which gave me a lot of stress.

I started smoking in school and my first drug was dagga. Then I smoked cigarettes and that made me not care what people think. I started all of this because I thought I was not smart enough to work or get anywhere in life because I was not good with my school work. So I would drink, smoke and rob people in Durban.

We would steal anything made of gold and watches and wrist brands. Cell phones were not that popular as they had just arrived. And that is when I decided to leave home because I knew how strict they were there. We would rob people and attack them at their homes in the early hours of the morning and steal televisions and DVD players, and if we heard that someone has a gun we would come and disarm them.

Many things happened in these houses, like us beating the people with guns and we would pour powder all over them so they wouldn’t see us. When we did these things we were high on drugs and didn’t care about anyone. If we saw a women wearing a night dress we’d rape them.

After I left my home I would sleep at different places with friends, this was difficult because we had to hustle every day in order to eat and if you couldn’t you would be chased out of the group. I committed a crime every day. Among these crimes, there were also two murders. Both of these murders involved armed robbery. We also had to change locations often because police would come looking for us, so we’d go from one township to another. When we had money we bought expensive clothes and had girlfriends who we treated like our property.

When I arrived at CYPSA I was warmly welcomed. I learnt of a life I did not know, that of a pure heart and mercy, that of people who were willing to offer anything to help me for free, and for me that was unusual. I heard the testimonies of people who had changed their lives. Some had such a strong testimony. So I thought to myself - I can also change if such people change! I listened to services every day and the Word moved me and I made my life right. Now I work at a factory, and I never thought I would work and help my family. I no longer want to lead a life of sin.