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Device level porn block to protect children

A new plan will make it a crime to give a child a cellphone that can access pornography

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Study: School Drop Out and Substance Use; Consequence or Predictor?

In this study, the relationship between reasons for school dropout and substance use is investigated.

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Dagga and Depression

Adolescents may be particularly vulnerable to the effects of marijuana (dagga) because the adolescent brain continues to develop until the age of 25.

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USA - Dr. Marc Siegel: Heavy pot smoking has now been linked to THIS strange syndrome

"when it comes to recreational use, the problem becomes one of how much you are smoking and for how long. Studies have shown that regular users can develop cognitive and behavioral problems, and an increased risk of anxiety and depression."

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State has 1.2 Million Hectares Available for Redistribution - Legal Expert

Research estimates that unused state-owned land parcels in SA suitable for redistribution add up to about 1.2 million hectares, or 60% of the size of the Kruger National Park...

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When mothers live near fracking sites, babies are more likely to be born underweight

Children born near fracking sites are 25 percent more likely to weigh less than what is healthy at birth, according to a new study. Why this is happening isn’t clear, but the researchers believe that it might have to do with environmental pollution, which may have negative health effects on mothers — and their babies.

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​ Common Myths about Assisted Suicide (Euthanasia)

Whilst people are divided on the issue, many of those who support “assisted suicide” or “assisted dying”, as euthanasia is also called, have founded their beliefs on several myths that surround the practice.

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USA - 700 Parents Demand School Stop Pushing Sex on Their Children

Concerned parents in California are standing up against the implementation of the present comprehensive sex education curricula where children as young as 11 are exposed to sexually explicit content.

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Parliament Withdraws the Expropriation Bill

The Portfolio Committee on Public Works has withdrawn it's Expropriation Bill, stating that the Bill may be reintroduced in Parliament at a future date.

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Drugs Dens in Phoenix, KZN Hit by Police

KwaZulu-Natal police have hit two "drug dens" in the Phoenix area, north of Durban, arresting three people and netting hundreds of thousands of rands worth of drugs.

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