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Response H - Constantia Park, Gauteng

The reality is that they lose any possibility of a valuable life or future as drugs – any drug including dagga causes some kind of dependency. Dagga usage causes physical, mental and emotional behavioural changes.

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Response I -

Apparently, the country is no longer interested in the development of the youth. The decision is myopic and should not have been even to brought to court for consideration. What society are we producing

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Response J -

No thank you, look at the pass rate since our democracy, learners are pushed to next grades and they don't care, the community members are selling dagga and other substances not caring for their wellbeing but they don’t want their children smoking what they sell to others, that show that they want good things happening to their kids not others.​

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Response K - East London, Eastern Cape

So legalising these drugs will destroy our schools and S.A. learners. Can't we protect our children by NOT accepting this please. Kindly intervene in stopping this. ​

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Response L - Phoenix, KwaZulu-Natal

My understanding is that it is not for recreational purposes. ​

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Response M - Mabopane, Gauteng

It will be difficult to deal with discipline, behaviour and otherpersonalities that different individual might have. No, it's in the best interest of members who have other agendas at hear. Not the best interest of raising responsible citizens.​

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Response N – Tsakane, Gauteng

The DBE is battling to equip teaches to excel in teaching and [now] adding on other problem of dagga. Please open room for broader consultation and participation for parents at school level and get the voice of the silent heard wide.​​

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Response O - Parkrand, Gauteng

I have seen the effects, I have dealt with learners under the influence. The once moderately quiet child is now aggressive, looks for trouble, causes trouble, gets into fights, attitude to teachers, refuses to follow instructions – the list is endless.

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