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Press Release - Dagga Case: They called us monkeys

The pro-dagga lobby has branded us as being rented for the protest against dagga, while dagga people are calling us monkeys to our face!When we who come out of a life of dagga abuse were standing outside the court to demonstrate against the legalizing of dagga, a dagga man in a wheel chair rolled over and called us monkeys.

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Press Release: Nutt had it wrong in High Court cannabis case - stats tell a different story

​In the recent Pretoria High Court Case, Professor Nutt has vehemently defended the use of dagga as a safer alternative, continuously comparing it with the harms of tobacco and alcohol. He has also stated that should cannabis be legalized, alcohol consumption will drop.

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Youth Day: Open Letter to Parliament

As yesterday was Youth Day, we as youth of South Africa, who have dreams for our future, appeal to you to give serious consideration to, and to act upon the information and concerns we have put forward. It would be regrettable if we in the future need to refer back to this day, '17 June 2014', a day in parliament, where concerns of your youth were not considered important and therefore not addressed.

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Harmful Promotion of Drug Abuse: Why Drug Them? Care for Them!

It is with great shock that we, as the Concerned Young People of SA read that the Cabinet and the Central Drug Authority (CDA) have agreed to use 'harm reduction' within its new National Drug Master Plan of 2013-2017. Even though the term 'harm reduction' looks well on paper and in theory...

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Condoms to be Distributed in South African Schools - CYPSA's Response

​It is with grave concern that we read recent articles in the media detailing government's decision to commence with a programme to distribute condoms to learners in South African schools. We are left wondering whether any time was spent investigating the root causes of teenagers becoming sexually active and falling pregnant ...

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Press Release- If Euthanasia is the Answer, What is the Question?

​As an organization we are stunned at the recent notion to legalize euthanasia in South Africa. In fact, we want to pose the question, whether those bent on legalizing euthanasia, are aware that to do so would be to step onto a slippery path that has caused the destruction of thousands elsewhere.

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Press Release - Medical Innovation Bill

It was with renewed confidence that CYPSA read of the Central Drug Authority's submissions to Parliament's portfolio committee on health with regard to the proposed Medical Innovation bill. We are in full agreement with their sentiments that the bill is "confusing and if it remains in its current form it could result in more social ills and drug abuse in the country,"...

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Press Release: Why is Amnesty International Pushing Prostitution Down Africa’s Throat?

​At last week's ANC Women's League conference Nkoana Mashabane bemoaned the fact that women were still not being elected into positions of premiers, municipal managers and secretaries... Why? Because women and girl children are still elected to be prostitutes!

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Mandarin: Paving the Way for a New Area of Colonization

A departmental circular, “Circular S10 of 2015: incremental implementation of Mandarin as a non-official language from 2016-2018” has been distributed. According to this circular: “The roll-out of Mandarin will be incrementally implemented in schools as follows: Grades 4-9 and 10 will be implemented in January 2016, followed by grade 11 in 2017...

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Fracking - Open Letter to Parliament

Who can hear our cry for help? Our inheritance from our fathers is in grave danger and we seem to be knocking at closed doors. Our very homeland is on the verge of destruction. A death sentence has been pronounced over it. We mourn.

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