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USA - Governor Won't Rule Out Re-criminalizing Marijuana in Colorado

​Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper says he doesn’t rule out recriminalizing marijuana, as the crime rate has been rising since recreational use of the drug was made legal in 2014.

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USA - Horrible Child Abuse Death in Texas Highlights Links to Marijuana

Texas released its report on child abuse deaths with half the 172 child abuse deaths in 2017 coupled with substance abuse. Marijuana was the most used substance connected to child abuse and neglect deaths, followed by alcohol, cocaine and methamphetamine.

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USA - 'Johnny’s': The Latest Killer on the Street

​By abusing Gabapentin, drug addicts have figured out how to mimic an opioid high.

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What is Spice and Why is the Drug so Dangerous?

Synthetic cannabis, of which Spice is an example, is linked to serious health issues ranging from difficulties breathing to psychotic episodes.

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Side Condition of Smoking Dagga is ‘Common’

​By the time Thomas Hodorowski made the connection between his marijuana habit and the bouts of pain and vomiting that left him incapacitated every few weeks, he had been to the emergency room dozens of time...

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Who Will Slay this Dagga-dragon?

We, as the youth of South Africa are greatly vexed. A hideous green dagga dragon is prowling in and around our public schools, intoxicating our dreams, destroying our futures…

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Portugal – National Survey: Increase in Psychoactive Drug Consumption

​Portugal, the iconic example of drug liberalization that is quoted over and over, had a rough landing with the release of country’s latest drug statistics revealing much of this closely-watched human experiment.

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Argument 1: They say ... cigarettes and alcohol kill thousands every year and are legal, yet nobody has ever died as a result of smoking dagga and it remains illegal... but...

"What about cigarettes and alcohol?" is a red herring regularly thrown the public's way by those advocating the legalization of dagga in South Africa

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Constitutional Court to Announce Ruling on WCHC case concerning the legalization of dagga on Tuesday 18 September 2018 at 10.00am.

Constitutional Court to Announce Ruling on WCHC case concerning the legalization of dagga on Tuesday 18 September 2018 at 10.00am.

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Dagga Leads to Heroin Abuse - Teachers Raise Concerns Over Legalization

Teachers around the country have raised serious concerns regarding the possible legalisation of dagga in South Africa, arguing that it could prove detrimental to the youth because it was “unrealistic to believe that legalised dagga would be controlled and kept out of the hands of young people.

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