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Wayne's Story

Despite going to Bible Class every Saturday and church every Sunday, by the time I was 14 I had started smoking cigarettes and was having the occasional beer, which I would steal from my father's secret stash in the garage.

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Dagga: Adam's Experience

Dagga helped me to ignore the responsibilities of daily life and took hold of me quickly. As my addiction grew, I began to experience the dark side of a drug which many claim is 'soft' and the use of which is often described as harmless fun.

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Dagga: The Mask

​My name is Christopher and I first smoked dagga when I was 13 years old. By the time I reached matric, at the age of 17, I was fully addicted to dagga and I continued to smoke until the age of 31.

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Adam's Story

At the age of 13 I smoked my first cigarette and got drunk. I was 14 years old when I first smoked dagga. In my second year of high school I started going to nightclubs. I attended nightclubs regularly and when my friend began to deal drugs I assisted him; I was 15 at the time.

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Senzo's Story

I was raised by a single parent. Fathers are very strict, but I didn’t have a father and took advantage of this fact. I allowed the devil to deceive me, to take control of my life and to use me in a way that would suit him and fulfil his plans. His influence in my life lead me to make many wrong decisions.

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How Eugene Escape from Drug Addiction (Western Cape Branch)

I started to steal to support my growing addiction to Tik (Crystal Meth) and Mandrax (Buttons). I ran away for home for good and was being used by gangsters to sell drugs. I started to turn more and more to criminal activity. It came to a point where the police were out looking for me and I realized I needed to escape this life.

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Life Story of Nkosiyethu

I started drinking alcohol from as early as ten years old. It all started on the so-called “Big Days” over the festive season but soon included even the ‘small days’.

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Raffiq's Life Story

In the eight years leading up to 2014 I sold all my possessions, was in prison four times, lived on the streets for up to one year at a time, was involved in house-breakings, was beaten by the community forum and had to eat from dust bins. I lived worse than an animal!

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Keegan's Story

​I have lived a life of sin for the past 23 years. I have done quite a bit of prison time for things that I shouldn’t have done as I was a slave to drugs and a slave to Satan for far too long.

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Riaan's Story (Western Cape Branch)

​I woke up one morning in a dog’s kennel, my feet had been hanging out all night in the cold and the dog was lying on top of me. This helped me to realise that I had really hit rock bottom.