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Argument 11: They say… we should fall in line with international trends and legalize dagga, but…

​If your friends were jumping into a fire would you do it as well? Many of us may remember being asked this question by our parents when we were younger, usually after having blindly followed our friends into some mischievous act or another. This simple anecdote is very suitable when considering the argument for legalization stated above.

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Argument 12: They say… dagga does not contribute to an increase in fatal car accidents… but…

Dagga is the illicit drug most frequently found in the blood of drivers who have been involved in accidents, including fatal ones. One study showed that dagga was overwhelmingly the most commonly mentioned drug in drugged driving experiences (97%), followed by cocaine (13%) and nonmedical use of prescription analgesics (4%).

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Argument 13: They say… dagga is not addictive… but…

People begin to depend on the stimulation to the brain that dagga provides and then continue to use it even when it begins to impact their lives negatively (the classic definition of an addict).

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Argument 14: They say… dagga never killed anyone, anywhere, ever… but…

​A 53 year old in the United Kingdom has died from heart complications which arose as a direct result of his 10 year-long addiction to dagga. This despite claims by those who would see dagga legalized in our country that dagga has never killed a single person, EVER, ANYWHERE!

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Argument 15: They say… dagga does not damage the brain… but…

Anyone who has experienced the changes in a family member or loved one after they began smoking dagga knows that, not only is the mental capacity and memory of the individual affected, but their personality, behaviour and habits as well. They cease to be the person they once were.

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Argument 16: They say… dagga arrests are traumatic… but…

​Anyone would agree that to have your house raided and searched by the police and to be arrested and taken to jail is potentially traumatic. But that’s what happens when you break the law which our country’s police officers have a duty to enforce!

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Argument 17: They say… a lot about ‘medical’ dagga… but…

This is an issue that is firmly rooted in the realm of science, and the safety and suitability of cannabis and its derivatives for medicinal use is something that can either be confirmed or disproved by scientific means alone.

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