The Portfolio Committee on Public Works has withdrawn it's Expropriation Bill, stating that the Bill may be reintroduced in Parliament at a future date.

The Committee on Public Works commented that this move was an effort to allow the Joint review Committee tasked with reviewing section 25 of the South African Constitution (the "Property Clause"), the necessary room to perform their mandate.

The Committee on Public Woks stated that, “The committee is of the view that rejecting this Bill in its current form will assist and avoid running a parallel process while there is a committee of Parliament that is still busy with the possible review of section 25 of the Constitution."

They further said that, “The committee is happy and hopes for a better piece of legislation that will include the inputs from South Africans across the country on the land and property question.”

CYPSA is pleased to note this development and the fact that the opions of all South Africans will be afforded due consideration in this matter.


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