As increasing numbers of people are required to work from home due to COVID-19 related measures implement by their employers, or have resorted to self-isolation, a surge in reports of anxiety, depression, addiction and suicides has been noted by experts.

The challenge of having to adapt to working within a home environment, coupled with the stress of fears surrounding job security and whether companies will be able to pay their employees, has resulted in many people experiencing higher than normal stress levels and negative effects on their mental health.

A several hundred percent increase in people seeking advice on debt and financial management has been reported, as people struggle to get by on decreased pay or have lost their source of income altogether

Many have resorted to seeking relief in harmful pastimes. Most notable is a 28% increase in people seeking assistance with pornography addiction.

Personal relations often become strained and experts warn that people who are not suited to working from home are prone to irritation, fatigue and a lack of motivation.

Should your or a loved one need assistance in coping with the challenges you face during this time, or should you require help with pornography or other addiction problems, please contact us on 032 481 5742.


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