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Incwadi kubazali: Abe LGBTQ kumele bayeke ukusiphoqela ezindatsheni zobulili

​Sicela Nisilekele! Sethukile. Izimfundiso zakwamanye amazwe zifohlela ukungena ezikoleni zethu eWestern Cape.

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CYPSA Press Release: Open Letter to Parents - LGBQTI should stop forcing gender issue down our throats!

​Please help! We are feeling frightened. Our space is being crowded out by an invasion of foreign ideologies that have been sent to trouble us at schools across the Western Cape.

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CYPSA: Submission to Parliament: Children's Third Amendment Draft Bill

Proposed amendments will violate parental rights and the right to religious freedom.

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CYPSA Submission to Parliament: Films and Publications Amendment Bill

We are of the opinion that this proposed amendment bill will have extremely negative consequences on our youth, impacting the next generation, with whom we work on a daily basis.

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In The Arena - Land Expropriation

The land grab debate is next in the arena, and the world gathers to watch the spectacle.

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Who Will Slay this Dagga-dragon?

We, as the youth of South Africa are greatly vexed. A hideous green dagga dragon is prowling in and around our public schools, intoxicating our dreams, destroying our futures…

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Fracking KZN: Rhino 'Trash' and 'Spoil' - The Answer is Still No! - Submission for Public Comment Plans to Frack

The answer is still no and it’s not going to change! In fact we consider it an insult that Rhino Gas and Oil believes that returning to the table with a slightly amended and well-dressed proposition will so easily pull the wool over our eyes.

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Press Release: Help, we are being kidnapped!

​We, the children of South Africa, bemoan the sad fact that while we eagerly wait for our long-promised textbooks to be delivered on time, we have been kidnapped!We already find large fingers covering our mouths, forcing us to be quiet. We are being side-tracked from promising futures by people who act as though they care for us and our learning of maths, science and all languages. HELP!

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Press Release: Sisizeni, nakhu sithunjwa!

​Thina nje ngentsha yase Ningizimu Africa kuyasikhalisa ukuthi sithe sisalinde izincwadi esikade sazithenjiswa sabe sesizithola sesithunjiwe. Sivalwe imilomo ngesandla ukuba singaphefumuli. Siphuciwe ikusasa lethu ngabantu abenza sengathi bakhathazekile ngathi kanye nemfundo yethu.

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The Condom Issue: Letter from CYPSA and Concerned Parent

It is with grave concern that we read recent articles in the media detailing government's decision to commence with a programme to distribute condoms to learners in South African schools.

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