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Portugal – National Survey: Increase in Psychoactive Drug Consumption

​Portugal, the iconic example of drug liberalization that is quoted over and over, had a rough landing with the release of country’s latest drug statistics revealing much of this closely-watched human experiment.

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Argument 1: They say ... cigarettes and alcohol kill thousands every year and are legal, yet nobody has ever died as a result of smoking dagga and it remains illegal... but...

"What about cigarettes and alcohol?" is a red herring regularly thrown the public's way by those advocating the legalization of dagga in South Africa

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Dagga Leads to Heroin Abuse: Teachers Raise Concern Over Legalization

Teachers around the country have raised serious concerns regarding the possible legalisation of dagga in South Africa, arguing that it could prove detrimental to the youth because it was “unrealistic to believe that legalised dagga would be controlled and kept out of the hands of young people.

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Argument 2: They say.. dagga is categorically not a gateway drug... but

​We have heard this statement twice now on national television with no evidence to support it. CYPSA's first-hand experience shows clearly that dagga is in fact a gateway drug that leads smokers into the use of other dangerous drugs...

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Argument 3: They say… dagga has never killed anyone, anywhere, ever, but…

"Dagga has never killed anyone, anywhere, ever!" Perhaps it is true that nobody ever died whilst smoking a joint, but what of it?

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Argument 4: They say... prohibition doesn't work, but...

​Pro-legalization lobbyists love the word 'prohibition' as it carries with it certain connotations. They seek to remind people of the failed alcohol prohibition in America in the 1920's as if it were the only case of prohibition on record

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Argument 5: They say… it’s my right to use dagga, but…

​The fact that we have human rights does not mean that we have the right to do whatever we want. Lobbyists are fighting for their right to use dagga, almost equating it with their right to the freedom of speech and thought

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Argument 6: They say… dagga is a safe or ‘soft’ drug, but…

Perhaps when compared to a substance like heroin dagga may seem less severe (you don't have to put a needle in your arm to use it), but dagga is deadly nonetheless.

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Argument 7: They say… a lot about sugar, but…

Sugar may be bad for us and may be at the root of certain ailments and illnesses (we have no problem accepting this as fact and should perhaps even pay closer attention to our own sugar intake), but sugar is by no stretch of the imagination comparable to an illegal drug like dagga.

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Argument 8: They say… money spent on prosecuting dagga offenders could be better spent, but…

"WE SMOKED DAGGA' MURDERER TELLS COURT" was the headline of a recent article which detailed how three schoolboys got high on dagga before they entered a man's home, strangled him to death and robbed him.