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Cannabis for Private Purposes Bill is Open for Public Comment

The Portfolio Committee on Justice and Correctional Services is currently considering amendments to the Cannabis for Private Purposes Bill [B19 – 2020]. The committee invites interested parties/stakeholders to make written submissions on proposals.

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Study finds dagga use may be linked to increasing suicidal thoughts in young women

A new study from the National Institutes of Health suggests there may be a link between cannabis use and rising rates of suicidal ideation, planning, and attempts among young people.

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Surgeon General warns pregnant women and youth about dagga risks

US Surgeon General Dr. Jerome Adams has a warning for pregnant women and teens when it comes to weed.

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BRICS Nations' Stance on Dagga

While South Africa seems intent on legalising dagga, what is the stance that fellow BRICS member nations have taken on cannabis?

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Dagga and Depression

Adolescents may be particularly vulnerable to the effects of marijuana (dagga) because the adolescent brain continues to develop until the age of 25.

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USA - Dr. Marc Siegel: Heavy pot smoking has now been linked to THIS strange syndrome

"when it comes to recreational use, the problem becomes one of how much you are smoking and for how long. Studies have shown that regular users can develop cognitive and behavioral problems, and an increased risk of anxiety and depression."

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Drugs Dens in Phoenix, KZN Hit by Police

KwaZulu-Natal police have hit two "drug dens" in the Phoenix area, north of Durban, arresting three people and netting hundreds of thousands of rands worth of drugs.

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The Charge (Poem on the Decriminalisation of Dagga in South Africa)

The Charge (Poem on the Decriminalisation of Dagga in South Africa)

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Canada - Marijuana Company gets $4 Billion Investment by Corona-Beer

Corona beer maker Constellation Brands will pay $4 billion to increase its stake in global medical cannabis company Canopy. Canopy CEO Bruce Linton answered questions about the Constellation deal, strategies for international expansion and whether big alcohol companies should be afraid of marijuana.

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USA - Drinking Alcohol Really Does Raise Your Cancer Risk, Doctors Warn

​Drinking alcohol, even a light or moderate amount, increases the risk of several common cancers. The American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) issued a statement identifying alcohol as a "definite" risk factor.

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