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Proposed CSE Study Guides Released

The Department of Basic Education has published its new scripted lessons plans which will be used as part of its pilot phase on sexual education.

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Device level porn block to protect children

A new plan will make it a crime to give a child a cellphone that can access pornography

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Study: School Drop Out and Substance Use; Consequence or Predictor?

In this study, the relationship between reasons for school dropout and substance use is investigated.

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USA - 700 Parents Demand School Stop Pushing Sex on Their Children

Concerned parents in California are standing up against the implementation of the present comprehensive sex education curricula where children as young as 11 are exposed to sexually explicit content.

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Fluid Gender (Poem)

Fluid Gender (Poem)

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Comprehensive Sexual Education (CSE) Shows Little Evidence of Success

When measured by meaningful and recommended standards, the research evidence for school-based CSE in non-U.S. settings does not support UNESCO’s claim that school-based CSE (now sometimes called comprehensive sexual and reproductive health education) is effective. In fact, UNESCO’s own evidence indicates that CSE in school settings has shown little success and may be doing more harm than good

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CYPSA: Submission to Parliament: Children's Third Amendment Draft Bill

Proposed amendments will violate parental rights and the right to religious freedom.

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Stop CSE in South African Schools

Comprehensive Sex Education is not approved by South African parents and is being taught in schools behind their back. The nature of the curriculum is destructive to children.

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"I saw it on TV!"

​Liz Jones counselled hundreds of sexually-abused children in the years that she worked at Safeline as a counsellor. She dealt with countless incidences of porn-related abuse, but her heart sank each time she heard those familiar words "I watched it on the TV," or "I saw it in the magazine, or "I watched a DVD".

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CYPSA Says NO to CSE in SA Schools: Sign the Online Petition

​CSE is not traditional sex education. It bypasses the values and authority of parents and teaches young children to experiment with high risk sexual practices and attempts to change the sexual and gender norms of African society.