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State has 1.2 Million Hectares Available for Redistribution - Legal Expert

Research estimates that unused state-owned land parcels in SA suitable for redistribution add up to about 1.2 million hectares, or 60% of the size of the Kruger National Park...

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Parliament Withdraws the Expropriation Bill

The Portfolio Committee on Public Works has withdrawn it's Expropriation Bill, stating that the Bill may be reintroduced in Parliament at a future date.

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Expropriation of Property without Compensation – 75 per cent Required to Change the Constitution

It seems the African National Congress (ANC) is determined to press ahead with the expropriation of property without compensation. This raises a number of constitutional questions.

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Exposing the Truth on Land Expropriation

According to the Center for Constitutional Rights, "... there is no need to amend the Constitution to secure property rights for all South Africans.

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Amendments to Section 25 of the Constitution: What Will the Result Be?

The overwhelming victims of expropriation without compensation, by large numbers, will be poor people who are mostly black citizens.

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In The Arena - Land Expropriation

The land grab debate is next in the arena, and the world gathers to watch the spectacle.

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Fracking: What Every South African Should Know

A ​2012 documentary detailing the process of fracking and it's harmful effects across North America​​.

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Fracking: A Geologist's Review

​Retired EPA engineer Wes Wilson and retired Bureau of Reclamation official Phil Doe were invited to Colorado Springs to share their knowledge about drilling and hydraulic fracturing (also called fracking).

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Ukuqhunyiswa komhlaba ngokusebenzisa amanzi akho!

Iyini I-Fracking? Umsebenzi wokuqhumisa amadwala angaphansi komhlaba ngenhloso yokumoma igesi kusetshenziswa izigidi eziphindiwe zamalitha amanzi.

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It's the Cost of Labour that Keeps 8.7 Million South Africans Unemployed

The high price of labour is the cause of mass unemployment in South Africa. The shocking truth is that labour law compliance costs form a substantial percentage of that price.

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