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Proposed CSE Study Guides Released

The Department of Basic Education has published its new scripted lessons plans which will be used as part of its pilot phase on sexual education.

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Surgeon General warns pregnant women and youth about dagga risks

US Surgeon General Dr. Jerome Adams has a warning for pregnant women and teens when it comes to weed.

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More Pregnant Women Using Dagga Than Ever Before

The debate is on about smoking during pregnancy. But what about smoking dagga? An analysis of urine samples from roughly 300 000 California women finds that more than 7% used marijuana while pregnant.

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1.2 Million Persons Killed by Abortion VS 34 People at Marikana

​1.2 Million persons have been killed since the legalisation of abortion in 1996. This number is a concern as it is a lot more than the 34-people killed at Marikana.

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SA Abortion Facts: Is Abortion Killing Our Nation?

90 000 abortions were performed at state hospitals in 2013, up by 20 000 from 2012 ("Teenage Abortion Numbers Shoot Up", The Times, 6 August 2014).

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School Pregnancies on the Rise!

The Dispatch newspaper in East London surveyed 500 teenagers from schools across the city. The children were asked to fill in a questionnaire. Their answers showed that 51 percent were sexually active and, of those, 72 percent were practising unsafe sex.

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How Uganda Curbed Their HIV/AIDS Stats

​Uganda's battle against AIDS has massively reduced the cases from over 25% of the population affected in 1992, to below 10% by 2001. This has been achieved largely on a platform of abstinence before marriage and fidelity within marriage.

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Pro-Life March

The silence is broken as Pro-lifers come together each year on the first Sunday of every October, from every ethnic group KwaZulu Natal has to offer, and finds rhythm in unity and strength in forgiveness.

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