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CYPSA: Submission to Parliament: Children's Third Amendment Draft Bill

Proposed amendments will violate parental rights and the right to religious freedom.

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CYPSA Submission to Parliament: Films and Publications Amendment Bill

We are of the opinion that this proposed amendment bill will have extremely negative consequences on our youth, impacting the next generation, with whom we work on a daily basis.

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​ Canada - Is Brain Dead Really Death?

Taquisha McKitty was declared brain dead after suffering cardiac arrest relating to drug overdose. Ontario Superior Court Justice Lucille Shaw ordered that McKitty‘s life support be withdrawn in a month but the family appealed the decision, challenging the brain death designation.

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Becoming Slaves in the Name of Freedom?

In October 2016, without warning or public consultation, government announced plans to implement new legislation in the form of the “Hate Speech” and “Commercialization of Religion” bills, which will severely restrict the very freedoms that we as South African citizens have always enjoyed.

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School Principals Against High Court Decision

​School principals are complaining and stating that their jobs will be a nightmare if they cannot tell children that sex is against the law.

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Con Court's Decision Could Add New Spur to Learner Molestations

The criminalisation of consensual sexual conduct between consenting adolescents is unconstitutional, the Constitutional Court has ruled.

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From Ridicule to Prison: Nowhere to Hide from the Hate Speech Bill

he Prevention and Combating of Hate Crimes and Hat Speech Bill (“Hate Speech Bill”) proposes criminalising everything from actual hate speech, to harmless insults or comedic expression.

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Medical Study: Legalised Euthanasia Leads to Increased Suicides

​Some advocates claim that the legalisation of physician-assisted suicide (PAS), also known by the euphemisms 'assisted dying' and 'end of life choice', could lead to a reduction in total suicides and delay suicides that do occur. Until recently these claims had not been tested by research.

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Labour Law Being Challenged as it is Creating Less Jobs for All

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the Governor of the reserve bank, Gill Marcus, have urged the government to relax labour law to allow for new job creation and economic growth.

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"Experienced Judges Lack Understanding of SA Constitution"

Academic Prof Shadrack Gutto argues that some experienced judges in the country do not have a comprehensive understanding of constitutionalism.