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Cybercrimes Bill Approved - Some Whatsapp Messages Now Illegal

A new South African law means you may be jailed if you forward certain kinds of WhatsApp messages.

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Public Comment on the Cannabis for Private Purposes Bill.

The Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Justice and Correctional Services invites the public to comment on the Cannabis for Private Purposes Bill.

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Listen to Radio Khwezi

Radio Khwezi community radio station broadcasts on 90.5 or 107.7 FM CYPSA program, reaching out to the youth: Wednesdays 17:00 Evening devotions: 18:30 Sunday service: 11:00 www.khwezi.org.za

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Incwadi kubazali: Abe LGBTQ kumele bayeke ukusiphoqela ezindatsheni zobulili

​Sicela Nisilekele! Sethukile. Izimfundiso zakwamanye amazwe zifohlela ukungena ezikoleni zethu eWestern Cape.

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CYPSA Press Release: Open Letter to Parents - LGBQTI should stop forcing gender issue down our throats!

​Please help! We are feeling frightened. Our space is being crowded out by an invasion of foreign ideologies that have been sent to trouble us at schools across the Western Cape.

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The Hidden Dangers of Working from Home During the COVID-19 Epedemic

​As more and more people are required to work from home due to COVID-19 related measures, or have resorted to self-isolation, a surge in reports of anxiety, depression, addiction and suicides is being reported.

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Harding Schools Outreach 2020

CYPSA visited schools in the Harding area of KZN as part of our Drug Awareness Campaign 2020.

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Gallery: Durban Schools Outreach 2020 (In Partnership with Toyota SA)

CYPSA, in partnership with Toyota SA, visited schools in the Durban area as part of our National Drug Awareness Campaign 2020.

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Gallery: Secunda Outreach 2020

CYPSA recently visited schools in the Secunda area as part of our National Drug Awareness Campaign.

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Gallery: CYPSA Outreach Swaziland 2017

In 2017, CYPSA was invited to conduct a Drug Awareness Campaign at schools in Swaziland.