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Lungelo's Life Story

I committed a crime every day. Among these crimes, there were also two murders. Both of these murders involved armed robbery.

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Linda's Story

Growing up, I almost had it all life. At school I was bright and very active. As I mentioned though, I almost had it all because I never knew my father and I was raised by my single mother.

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How Asiphe Was Helped

To fit into this gang of robbers I wanted to prove a point and we decided to rob a shop and I forced my way into the shop and it all went wrong. I was caught on the surveillance cameras. I was arrested and charged with Armed Robbery...

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Bheki's Story

In 2016, I was caught in possession of crack cocaine. Fortunately, my uncle bailed me out for R5000. Things got worse and I started stealing from home, shops, robbing people and hijacking cars. My Grandmother tried to intervene. My mother would cry a lot because of my lifestyle and the community was getting tired of me. It came to a point where I had to make a decision...

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Christopher's Journey

​My life of sin started when I was five years old on the day that my mother died in a car accident. On that day I rejected God and the plan that he had for me.

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Wayne's Story

Despite going to Bible Class every Saturday and church every Sunday, by the time I was 14 I had started smoking cigarettes and was having the occasional beer, which I would steal from my father's secret stash in the garage.

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Dagga: Adam's Experience

Dagga helped me to ignore the responsibilities of daily life and took hold of me quickly. As my addiction grew, I began to experience the dark side of a drug which many claim is 'soft' and the use of which is often described as harmless fun.

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Dagga: The Mask

​My name is Christopher and I first smoked dagga when I was 13 years old. By the time I reached matric, at the age of 17, I was fully addicted to dagga and I continued to smoke until the age of 31.

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Mthokozisi's Life Story

When I arrived at the University of Johannesburg things went quite well at first, but made a turn for the worse. I started drinking alcohol excessively, I began smoking dagga and soon I progressed to using other drugs as well.

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Adam's Story

At the age of 13 I smoked my first cigarette and got drunk. I was 14 years old when I first smoked dagga. In my second year of high school I started going to nightclubs. I attended nightclubs regularly and when my friend began to deal drugs I assisted him; I was 15 at the time.