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How Marcel was Helped

I started smoking dagga (marijuana) and then various other drugs while I was in high school. I was rebellious and became involved in crime in order to feed my drug addiction, and finally dropped out of school in grade 10.

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Sifiso's Life Story

After finishing school I went deep into a lifestyle of drug abuse for the next 5 years. I ended up living on the street, eating out of dust bins, and I once went without bathing for about three months.

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How Qhawe was Helped

The problem started when I enrolled at tech. I met up with new friends who introduced me to smoking dagga, cigarettes and drinking alcohol. I ended up failing my first semester...

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How Phumlani was Helped

At the age of 13 I started smoking cigarettes as I wanted to fit in with the group I was involved with. Smoking cigarettes developed into smoking dagga. I then started taking ecstasy at night clubs where I would also drink alcohol. That’s when my life really started falling apart!

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Clinton's Story

Despite dropping out of Wits, I was fortunately still able to further my studies and completed an N5 in Electrical Engineering. But I just wasn’t interested in anything outside of partying, drinking and having a ‘good time.'

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Lungelo's Life Story

I committed a crime every day. Among these crimes, there were also two murders. Both of these murders involved armed robbery.

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Linda's Story

Growing up, I almost had it all life. At school I was bright and very active. As I mentioned though, I almost had it all because I never knew my father and I was raised by my single mother.

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How Asiphe Was Helped

To fit into this gang of robbers I wanted to prove a point and we decided to rob a shop and I forced my way into the shop and it all went wrong. I was caught on the surveillance cameras. I was arrested and charged with Armed Robbery...

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Bheki's Story

In 2016, I was caught in possession of crack cocaine. Fortunately, my uncle bailed me out for R5000. Things got worse and I started stealing from home, shops, robbing people and hijacking cars. My Grandmother tried to intervene. My mother would cry a lot because of my lifestyle and the community was getting tired of me. It came to a point where I had to make a decision...

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Christopher's Journey

​My life of sin started when I was five years old on the day that my mother died in a car accident. On that day I rejected God and the plan that he had for me.