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Land Expropriation Pamphlet English & Zulu

Please download, copy and distribute our pamphlet highlighting the hidden dangers of land expropriation without compensation.

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Evin's Life Story

At the age of six, I lost my father to the streets. He was sentenced to life imprisonment for murder, leaving my 24- year-old mother to raise three children on her own.

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Pamphlets Exposing the Dangers of Pornography for Your School and Community - Contact Us

This pamphlet exposes the hidden dangers of pornography use, abuse and addiction.

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Pamphlets Available for Your School and Community - Contact Us

Suitable for high school and primary school learners. The comic is based on the true life story of a young man helped by CYPSA.

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Linda's Testimony

Growing up, I almost had it all life. At school I was bright and very active. As I mentioned though, I almost had it all because I never knew my father and I was raised by my single mother.

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In The Arena - Land Expropriation

The land grab debate is next in the arena, and the world gathers to watch the spectacle.

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Who Will Slay this Dagga-dragon?

We, as the youth of South Africa are greatly vexed. A hideous green dagga dragon is prowling in and around our public schools, intoxicating our dreams, destroying our futures…

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Portugal – National Survey: Increase in Psychoactive Drug Consumption

​Portugal, the iconic example of drug liberalization that is quoted over and over, had a rough landing with the release of country’s latest drug statistics revealing much of this closely-watched human experiment.

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Fracking KZN: Rhino 'Trash' and 'Spoil' - The Answer is Still No! - Submission for Public Comment Plans to Frack

The answer is still no and it’s not going to change! In fact we consider it an insult that Rhino Gas and Oil believes that returning to the table with a slightly amended and well-dressed proposition will so easily pull the wool over our eyes.

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Our Environment, Fracking and Our Constitution

Drakensberg and KZN Midlands is the water factory for millions of people in the south eastern half of South Africa. An American owned company, Rhino Oil & Gas, has applied for a prospecting license for the already water stressed areas of Matatiele, Richmond, Eston, Pietermaritzburg, Hilton, Howick, Karkloof, Balgowan, Dargle, Kranskop, Weenen, Nkandla and Vryheid.