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CYPSA Office Currently Closed

Please note that the CYPSA office will be closed until 17th December 2019.

CYPSA Restoration Programme

CYPSA runs a three week (21 day) Restoration Programme for those struggling with addictions and other challenges.

We do not charge for this Programme and meals and accommodation are provided.

Those wishing to enroll in the Programme must finance their transport to our head office as well as the transport for their return home after the completion of the 21 day Programme.

Minors must be accompanied by an older person who will sign them into the Programme.

Those attending the Programme must arrive with the following items:

  • Original ID book or temporary ID
  • Clothing and toiletries
  • Bedding

Kindly note: Due the overwhelming need across the country and the resulting high level of intakes, we are currently enrolling only first-time visitors in our Restoration Programme.

Intake hours are from 9:00am - 15:00pm. Please call 032 481 5742 for further information.

Sprinter Donation


CYPSA thanks Rev. Erlo Stegen for his donation of a new Sprinter to reach communities around the country with our CYPSA drug awareness campaigns.

Crime and drugs are destroying our peers and now it is possible for us, with our own wheels, to reach out to our peers and show them the way out of drugs and crime.

May God bless you!

CYPSA realizes that many South Africans are concerned about the direction in which S.A. is heading.

As an organization representing grass-roots communities across the country, we invite all concerned South Africans from all cultures, races and communities to share (anonymously if so wished) their concerns with us:

Email us - [email protected]

CYPSA believes in nation building and strives towards a better future for all!

First-hand testimonies of the harms of dagga   

First-hand testimonies of the harms of dagga
First-hand testimonies of the harms of dagga
First-hand testimonies of the harms of dagga

Why Do We Have a Constitution?