Pornography Addiction


Cybercrimes Bill Approved – Some Whatsapp Messages Now Illegal

A new South African law means you may be jailed if you forward certain kinds of WhatsApp messages.


Device level porn block to protect children

A new plan will make it a crime to give a child a cellphone that can access pornography


CYPSA Submission to Parliament: Films and Publications Amendment Bill

We are of the opinion that this proposed amendment bill will have extremely negative consequences on our youth, impacting the next generation, with whom we work on a daily basis.


Say NO to Online Pornography

The South African Parliament is currently considering a new Bill (the Films and Publications Amendment Bill), which amongst other things, proposes legalising and decriminalising online distribution of pornography.


Pamphlets Exposing the Dangers of Pornography for Your School and Community – Contact Us

This pamphlet exposes the hidden dangers of pornography use, abuse and addiction.


Urgent Policies Needed Against Porn on School Computers

After an Ontario Catholic school board ignored parental concerns over children being able to access graphic pornography using school Wi-Fi networks, saying that the filters were sufficient, one parent decided to investigate the matter.


3 600 Rapes Every Day in SA Fuelled by Porn

In South Africa, 144 women report rape to police every day – that is six cases reported every hour…


Brain Damage from Porn Addiction: An Affair of the Mind

A person hooked on pornography develops a one-track mind. His focus in life becomes single-minded and his view of others, especially of women, narrows.


Uganda – Country Establishes Secretariat to Enforce Pornography Laws

Uganda has one of the strictest anti-pornography laws in Africa and has set up a nine-member pornography control committee to wage war on the spread of pornographic material in the country…