Human Trafficking


They Never Told Me (Poem)

They Never Told Me It was glamorous at first: money, fun, and love… I never saw the noose at the end of the rope… I never knew that – My friends thought the world of me… I gave them anything, and had everything myself… I never knew that – My blesser came late one night. … Read more


The Curse of Blessers

The so-called ‘blesser’ culture has not died out in South Africa. Instead, it has evolved into a growing trend across social media and the internet causing much concern amongst law enforcement officials, the National Prosecuting Agency, and other humanitarian organisations. What is a ‘blesser’? Is it truly something to be concerned about? Isn’t the government … Read more


UK – Pedophile Gang Members Should be Stripped of Citizenship and Deported

The UK has done much needed soul-searching since the smashing of a number of grooming gangs, nearly all South Asian. Police officers, social workers and educators all turned a blind eye to the horrors in a bid to appear politically correct at the time, a huge cost to the victims.


Germany – Couple Jailed for Selling Son to Pedophiles on the Internet

?CNN has reported on a mother and her partner sentenced to prison for selling the woman’s son, now ten years old, to pedophiles.


South Africa – Study Shows Extent of PTSD Problem Among SA’s Sex Workers

A University of the Witwatersrand study of prostitutes in Soweto shows that two-thirds suffer depression and only 14% said they had never been a victim of violence.


Canada – New Prostitution Laws Do Not Make Prostitution Safer

When Canada decided to tackle prostitution by adopting “end demand” laws, it was supposed to make prostitution safer and healthier but precisely the opposite has happened.


Stop The Traffick!

… with over 40.3 million enslaved people across the world, human trafficking is back and it is rife today.


UK – Viewers of Child Sex Abuse Could Lose Homes

?People who view images of child sex abuse could lose their homes or pensions under new US-style laws being proposed by a powerful coalition of children’s charities demanding action from the British government.


“Sex Work” Did Not Change the Life of a Prostitute

?Nomonde Mihlali (“Mickey”) Meji changed her view from endorsing the full decriminalization of the sex trade to now advocating for a law that calls for its abolition. She has just seen to much of how the decriminalization of the “sex trade” has captured the sex worker into a life of abuse, sex and drugs. Many of her friends have died young.