Response O – Parkrand, Gauteng

Previously working at a high school, learners who were under the influence either became aggressive or, slept – total disruption to Education.

Education is not received by the learner. We have a law stating a child may not be prevented from receiving an education – dagga prevents the learner from receiving an education as stated above.

I have seen the effects, I have dealt with learners under the influence. The once moderately quiet child is now aggressive, looks for trouble, causes trouble, gets into fights, attitude to teachers, refuses to follow instructions – the list is endless.

The once studious learner is now sleeping with their head on the desk, nothing is being learnt, others within the class also want to sleep!  It goes without saying a school is no place to be for a learner who is under the influence.

Security is totally compromised for teachers and learners, as learners under the influence are unpredictable. The turnaround of teachers would greatly increase.

Education would be prevented for the learners who want to learn, who do not take drugs, again this is going against “no person may prevent a child from being educated”. This would happen and in doing so would break the law so, how can dagga be legalized!

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