Argument 14: They say… dagga never killed anyone, anywhere, ever… but…

A 53 year old in the United Kingdom has died from heart complications which arose as a direct result of his 10 year-long addiction to dagga. This despite claims by those who would see dagga legalized in our country that dagga has never killed a single person, EVER, ANYWHERE!

After a car accident in which he was injured, the victim began to smoke dagga to attempt to relieve stress. This quickly grew into a £25 a week (3-4 joints a day) addiction!

As the death certificate below shows, Cannabis Cardio Toxicity was the cause of death agreed upon by coroners at the Bolton Coroner’s Court. Smoking too much dagga caused a fatal drop in the victim’s blood pressure and his brain was starved of blood.

David Raynes, a spokesman for the National Drug Prevention Alliance was quoted as saying the following, “German researchers have found how cannabis [dagga] affects the heart. What is said is that cannabis triggers heart problems that can kill some people. Death from cannabis cardio toxicity is rare but it does happen. We’re told cannabis is harmless but it’s not.” 

Mr Raynes also added that, “There are a lot of people campaigning for legalisation who say it’s harmless, but it’s just not true.”

In another incident a 31 year old woman was poisoned by the dagga she was using to try and deal with her insomnia. An inquest ruled that her death was caused by dagga toxicity and the cause of death was recorded as cannabis abuse.

A further two cases were documented by Forensic Science International in February 2014, who described the cases of two healthy men who died unexpectedly under the influence of cannabis. The verdict – Cannabis Cardio Toxicity – abuse of dagga!

Dr Benno Hartung, from the University of Dusseldorf found in a study, of which he was the lead author, that the risk of a heart attack increases five-fold in the first hour after smoking dagga.

Other headlines which have appeared in the media lately include the following article in which three school boys got high on dagga, entered a man’s house, strangled him to death, and drove off in his bakkie:

Dagga has led to numerous fatal car accidents in which not only those under the influence died, but other sober road users along with them.

Dagga kills, there’s proof, don’t be misled! Say No to the move to have this dangerous drug legalized in South Africa.

View the original article detailing this recorded dagga death:






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