Response K – East London, Eastern Cape

The legalisation of dagga in schools and country is a destructive danger. It just means our future is doomed to die and we have contributed to that.

Dagga must not be legalised due to following reasons:

In 2013 we had a substance awareness day due to learners who were:

– fighting at school

– chatting back to teachers, challenging them

– being forceful in their misbehavioural actions

– above all form groups of gangsterism.

In that program we involved a lot of other stakeholders e.g. SAPS Police, dog unit, Social Development, Department of Health, Education etc.

After that programme things seems to drop to a certain extent.

Even now, we are experiencing lots of challenges due to drugs – dagga abuse by learners. Parents are complaining a lot about that they need us to help them.

So legalising these drugs will destroy our schools and S.A. learners. Can’t we protect our children by NOT accepting this please.

Kindly intervene in stopping this. 

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