Who Will Slay this Dagga-dragon?

Dear Sir/Madam

Open letter: to the leaders of our country

Who will slay this Dagga-dragon?

We, as the youth of South Africa are greatly vexed. A hideous green dagga dragon is prowling in and around our public schools, intoxicating our dreams, destroying our futures…

Our peers, gripped by the green beast, are dropping out of schools and free tertiary education at an unimaginable rate. Come and see for yourselves! Check the registration lists at schools for the beginning of the year against the attendance of today.

Taxi drivers transporting us to school, are caught in a gamble of oncoming traffic and seeing straight with this dagga monster clouding their senses and brains.

Our school gates, our playing grounds, our classrooms, our learning space; all are under the pungent green spell of deception. We are struggling for breath.

The dragon’s den, our public schools, have become a battleground for drug dealers and runners. We are caught in the cross fire. Opposite the school, a kiosk is selling green and brown dagga muffins. Runners educate others to mix heroin into the dragon’s herb. More and more fall into its trap, lured by its sweet odour… Classrooms are becoming empty as more and more intoxicated learners gather at the street corners to share a joint.

We are not safe from these drug runners. They hound us, spewing out violence. We are being bullied. We are afraid to speak. We are afraid of walking home in the afternoons, as we may be robbed, raped and stabbed by the drug users. We are afraid of climbing into a taxi when we can see that the driver is high. We are afraid to buy sweets from the kiosk owner as they may be laced with drugs. We are afraid! We feel oppressed and depressed, standing at the very gates of our public schools.

We call out to our politicians, MP’s, traditional and community leaders to help free us from the net of this monster. Visit the schools! See for yourselves that the den of the green dragon is no safe learning environment. We call out to those in parliament, to those working on the amendments to our constitution, to slay this green dragon once and for all.

Parliamentary parents, save us from the grip of this dagga monster. He is destroying our right to a quality education, our right for our brains to develop normally and our right to a safe and secure environment.


Please, stop the advocates of the dagga monster who are planning a D Day Festival on 21 April for this illegal monster to parade its rebellious and mocking power in open contempt of the legislators of our country.

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