In The Arena – Land Expropriation

Open letter to Parliament

In the Arena: We will tell you – The Raw Facts, The Reality That You Ignore

The land grab debate is next in the arena, and the world gathers to watch the spectacle.

MP’s sit in Parliament’s prime seats shouting the odds. Anger prevails. Deafening moans and groans on the one side of the platform add to the chaos. The rich and infamous shout the odds – will they use the arena to secure future aggrandizement at the cost of the collective wealth? (Some even eye the Cradle of Mankind). Noticeable are corrupt individuals who make glib promises, while others broadcast murderous threats and insults aimed even at royalty and traditions. Chants and songs draw racism cards.

Our rainbow nation is being torn apart.

The noise from the arena has not only reached clear thinking youth of South Africa, but also Australians and Belgians. The world talks about South Africa and its expropriation plans. In the 80’s

it was the banned ANC stalwarts that garnered the world’s empathy. Will this be reversed? Investors withdraw from the rhetoric and once they leave the stands, will only the ruins of the colosseum remain?

The debate elicits questions:

Who gets the land?

Will it go to government? Can we trust them to handle the redistribution of these resources? We still see the same corrupt decisions and platforms in Parliament…

Who can productively manage the land?

New farm owners must have the necessary skills to sustain the land. Doctors study before they operate. Lawyers have to know the law before passing sentence. Pilots need to pass their exams before flying

SAA. Who will steer the land wagon? Is SA facing famine, disease and death?

Granted, those who get land must have demonstrated successful productivity – even if it’s on a small scale around RDP houses. Mr. President, check the records of productivity of ALL applicants. If not, this agricultural-bandwagon might be runaway leading to a hungry nation. Hungry people are angry people. Remember France, the hungry mob chopped off the heads of their elite!

What about other important crises in SA?

Actually, we are already in a famine of another sort. Drug addiction is rife amongst the youth. It has become a public health crisis. Soon we will have our free education but no students. Learners are dropping out of schools everywhere. We experience first-hand the impact that dagga has on our peers… In locations, youth gather on street corners to get their next fix. They will sell everything from their own homes, and those of others, to satisfy their cravings.

To date, thousands have knocked on our doors. Some were erstwhile teachers, lecturers, managers, business people and more. Having lost everything due to drugs, they arrive on our “stoep” with only what they have on their backs. Some have lost their minds. Maybe, as with sport, drug testing will be needed for ALL aspiring landowners and shareholders.

At CYPSA we are doing what we can to help drug addicted youth. We toil tirelessly, using our own resources. Why does drug addiction remain the last item on your agenda? Is the youth’s future so insignificant? Please place drug addiction on the top of your Parliamentary agenda in the next Parliamentary sitting.

We challenge you to respond.

It is time.

It is to unite and build our economy. A time to move forward and show the world that South Africa’s democracy is mature enough to allow all to participate. We will not be exploited by foreign political leaders who only want their own piece of land.

We are hopeful for the future. We see ourselves in parliament…

It is the year 2025. Putting our heads together to clamp down on those involved in all land -capture-corruption and scandal. (How the mighty have fallen to corruption and greed!) We deal with the aftermath of state-capture, corruption, billions of rand’s worth of debt, and commit to move away from the awful mess made by our predecessors. 

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