How Qhawe was Helped

I was born at Kwa-Dabeka clinic at Claremont Township. I was brought up by a single parent which was my mother. My father left us while I was still a new born baby. Growing up, my mother did everything in her power to give me the best education and I did well in school. At my secondary level I met up with the Gospel, my life was at peace and I passed grade 12 with flying colours.

The problem started when I enrolled at technicon. I met up with new friends who introduced me to smoking dagga, cigarettes and drinking alcohol. I ended up failing my first semester and my mother decided that I must quit and go to nursing college. I did well there and completed my two year course and qualified as an enrolled nurse. I was still smoking dagga and cigarettes though.

After I qualified as an enrolled nurse, I got a job at a hospital where I worked for four years. Due to abusing ecstasy they sent me to a rehab. But I came out of the rehab and continued with drugs. What’s even worse is that I then joined a group who smoked whoonga (heroin) and crack cocaine. Due to using these drugs I lost my job.

While I was staying at home, I stole things to feed my habit. I was lucky to get a job at a hospital at Pinetown. Things went from bad to worse. When it was pay day I used to be absent at work until they eventually fired me. I then lived at the drug den because my mother wanted nothing to do with me and chased me out the house.

I received my provident fund money that was owed to me by my employer and I used it on drugs. By then I had two children, a boy and a girl, which I failed to take care of because of drugs. While I was staying at at the drug den life was hard and I decided to go and stay with my grandmother at Ozwathini.

When I got to Ozwathini, my grandmother took me in and I was told about CYPSA. I went there broken spiritually with no hope. While I was there I remembered that I was once a Christian and so I decided to receive God in my life again. My life changed completely because I had hope and I learnt that life without God is pointless.

Now I live for God and my life is back on track and I now work as a carer for an older person. My prayer is that God’s will be done in my life and that I continue to live for God and wherever He takes me I will go. I thank Him for giving me my life back and for freeing me from drugs.

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