How Dumisani* Was Helped

Because of drug abuse, alcohol and my involvement in crime, I ended up in prison and joined the gangs in prison.

When I was released, I came to CYPSA, although I was still a prisoner as I had only been released on parole.

When I arrived at CYPSA, they told me one thing – to make right with the Lord by confession of sin.

By doing that I received the Lord Jesus and was convicted to go back home and make right with the people that I had wronged in my community.

I thank the Lord for using CYPSA as a tool to give me a new life in Christ.

At the moment I am doing Agricultural Studies without paying any fee, and I am working with plants and taking care of animals.

I thank the Lord, CYPSA and especially the director of KwaSizabantu Mission (where CYPSA is based), Reverend Erlo Stegen.

God is good all the time and no one can separate me from God, like Paul says in the book of Romans 8:39

Xolani’s Life Story

I am Xolani Hector Malebo, In December the 12th of 2019 I arrived at CYPSA, based at Kwasizabantu mission. I...