Shawne’s* Story

I am a middle child and the only son to my parents. Mom and dad raised me on the Gospel that Jesus Christ dies for my sins, rose on the third day, and because He lives I can face tomorrow.

However, from a young age I had a lust for the things of the world. Glitter which Satan presents as gold – sin.

I matriculated in 1993 with great potential and the world was going to be mine for the taking – and I was going to do it my way!

I left my parents’ Biblical teachings and jumped into the world. Needless to say, it was a great mess – a humiliating and painful mess.

I stayed in that mud, filth and sin for over twenty years and sinned and sinned some more. I was eating out of the pots of Egypt with two big spoons.

All along I was hurting and destroying loved ones.

I tried to fill the void with many things, all kinds of things – all the time further sinking into sin.

After many failed attempts at self-help the CYPSA message of hope and restoration reached me while I was living on the streets due to my self-imposed exile from my loved ones.

I finally made it to CYPSA in October 2018 and attended my first Sunday service. The preacher read from the book of *********!

I had actually signed in under a different name as I was ashamed of the shame I brought to the Biblical name my parents had given through my sinful living.

That Sunday I saw a servant of the Lord who reminded me of the great warrior Caleb in the Bible. A servant of the Lord standing firm in the promises of God. Unwavering and uncompromising to sin.

I must be at the right place I thought.

I was introduced to counselling and before a witness I confessed my sins and wrongs to God and became willing to make my life right under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

With the wreckage of my past life cleared it became clearer to see God’s will for my life. Always ensuring that sin did not block my path to God.

Today I am free from substances for the longest time in over twenty years. The change in my life has been seen and two of my dearest friends have now come to see what is taking place at CYPSA.

I thank God for CYPSA and for all of those who are in positions of authority in the organization, they are truly a house of refuge.

I thank God for His great mercy and grace.

* Places, names and identifying details of individuals have been changed to protect their privacy.


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