CYPSA Report 10 May 2020 – Follow Up On Previous Intakes

During the 2020 lock-down, the CYPSA office phoned young men that had previously completed our 21-day CYPSA Restoration Programme, to check on their progress. In some cases, we spoke to the parents of the young man concerned and in other cases to the young men directly and were able to enquire as to how they were getting on after having returned home.

The feedback we received was encouraging. Young men who had enrolled in the Programme as long ago as 2013, and who had received help for their drug addiction, had returned home and had not relapsed. Speaking to these young men, we again realized that nothing is impossible with God, Who is able to keep a person wherever they are, if that person has placed their trust in Him.

We phoned young men that had only visited us once and had in some cases not in fact finished the full 21-day period of the Programme. Yet, their parents informed us that they were applying what they had received at CYPSA and were living a good life.

There were parents who said they thank God, and shared with us how that before their son had been to CYPSA, they (the parents) used to pay for what their sons stole from neighbors and others in their communities. However, parents testified that after their sons had been with us, they had returned home and were paying back their parents and in some cases even providing them with further financial support over and above these amounts.

There were many cases of young men having completed their studies and having found a good job after returning home from their stay with us – for example:

Siyabonga from Clermont came to CYPSA in 2013 and then returned home. He then studied for three years and obtained a graduate diploma in 2016. Currently he is working and is a help at home.

Sifiso from Clermont enrolled in the Programme in 2013 and after completing his 21 days he went back home and finished his studies. He has now been working for a few years already and recently he bought his own car.

Sphamandla from Durban enrolled with us in 2013. He was helped and went back home and applied what he received from God. He is now working and doing well. His mother is so thankful.

Mbongeni from Witbank enrolled in 2013 and after his 21 days, he went back home to complete his studies and has secured a good job in Johannesburg.

Velemseni from kwaMhlanga enrolled in 2013. After he finished his 21 days he went back home and completed his studies and is now working.

Nduduzo from Harding enrolled in 2013. He subsequently got married and he is working.

Bonga from Stanger enrolled in 2013. After his 21 days he went back home and now he is working.

Mxolisi from kwaNdengezi is working and is preaching the gospel. He now has his own family.

Sicelo from Verulam is working and preaches the gospel.

Mavin from kwaMakhutha enrolled in 2013 and then again in 2016 when he repented and gave his life to God. He is now working and also preaches the gospel.

We received good feedback from many of those of a younger age who visited us for help during the school holidays in June and December. After having received help, many of these scholars lives changed and they have gone on to successfully apply themselves to and complete their schooling. For example:

Abongile from the Eastern Cape enrolled into the Programme in June 2019 after the CYPSA team visited his school as part of our E.C. Schools Outreach. Abongile was given another chance to continue at his school after his teachers sent him to CYPSA for help. After visiting us he returned home, passed grade 11 and is currently busy with grade 12.

Anda from the Eastern Cape also came to stay with us during the June holidays and then returned to home to continue with his second year of tertiary studies after getting his life back on track.

Terrence from Pretoria was also helped via the CYPSA Restoration Programme is currently working to support his family.

Another group we made contact with were those that had been to CYPSA in previous years, but who are still struggling with drugs. We from CYPSA would like to encourage this group. If God could help others, He can also help you – if you commit yourself to Him.

We read about this commitment in Daniel 1:8 and 9. Daniel made the decision to stay committed to God, regardless of what his friends were thinking or doing and even though they were in a foreign country. Because of this decision God gave him favour (verse 9). So you young men, those of you who are still struggling, take a stand and come to God. He is able to help – it doesn’t matter where you are – God is there for you. May the Lord meet your need.

Lastly, and sadly, we also learned of some young men that had passed away. We were so sad to hear of their passing and we feel the pain of this loss. May the Lord comfort the families and relatives of these young men and be with them in a special way.

As always, CYPSA remains ready to continue our work with parents, families, relatives and communities to help our brothers in need. Working together we can and will make a big difference to the future of our nation through the lives of our youth.

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