CYPSA Press Release: Open Letter to Parents – LGBQTI should stop forcing gender issue down our throats!

Please help! We are feeling frightened. Our space is being crowded out by an invasion of foreign ideologies that have been sent to trouble us at schools across the Western Cape. The LGBTQI is commanding us to swallow as they push their gender ideas down our throats! We ask ourselves, has the LGBTQI not overstretched their rights by forcing their opinions and standards on the rest of the school population?

What has happened to our own freedom of expression as Africans on our own soil? We long for freedom, liberty and justice. We feel threatened, oppressed and embarrassed by these foreign agendas from liberal lobby groups and the way they are set on molesting our minds with their behavioural choices, even in our public schools.

We are looking forward to continuing our sports activities once the Covid-19 pandemic has subsided, but we can’t imagine how we can be forced to compete against muscular men claiming to be girls! How would we manage to play netball against these tall burly fellows that declare they are girls?

If we need to go to the school toilet, how will we be able to face yet another husky boy, claiming to be a girl-man and suggesting that she-he feels comfortable coming into the girls’ bathrooms? We fear that a girl-man will all of a sudden feel comfortable to switch again to a man-man… and then to a girl-man again. Will there be teachers appointed to patrol the school grounds and toilets during breaks, school hours and after school when we practise our sports?

We feel unsafe! As gender-based violence is rampant in South African society and schools, why can’t biological men – those that have XY chromosomes in all their cells – keep themselves from our space, the space of those with XX chromosomes? Maybe we should label our toilets XX and XY, and thereby not discriminate against anyone!

Let the Department of Education agree to let XX’s be girls and XY’s be boys. Let political parties win our votes and trust by defending our rights, safety and freedom to be what we are – XX’s and XY’s – rather than to be captured by the unscientific reasoning of some lobby groups.

Please help us to eliminate and eradicate foreign liberal ideas from our curriculums!

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