CYPSA Attends KSB Youth Conference July 2022

CYPSA was invited to attend the July Youth Conference hosted at KwaSizabantu Mission, which was hosted from 1st to 7th July 2022. Approximately 3000 youth of school going age were present at the three daily sessions.

During the CYPSA session, two representatives shared their testimonies with the young people. One had been addicted to drugs and was deeply involved in crime for many years before he was helped by CYPSA. He is now employed and has experienced a complete renewal. The second young man had been involved in satanism prior to having being helped by CYPSA to escape from this lifestyle.

The Secretary of CYPSA shared valuable information on various topics that affect the youth of today including drug addiction, pornography addiction, social media and prostitution and the need for young people to avoid these “wolves” who rob them of a bright future.

Over 5000 copies of a new cartoon booklet printed by CYPSA, and which delivers a clear message to young people on the dangers of these social ills, were distributed to those in attendance who were also encouraged to share the booklets with their family and friends. The booklet also lists CYPSA’s contact details for those seeking help with drug addiction or other addictions.

The launch of the new CYPSA website ( was announced. The site provides a live chat function for those seeking help and also provides valuable information on several social ills which the youth of today are challenged by. The youth were advised that they were able to sign up to receive regular CYPSA newsletters and notifications of events by entering their email and subscribing via the website, and that they could also contact CYPSA to arrange a visit to their school or community.

One of the highlights of the week-long youth Conference, was an address to the youth delivered by the premier Sihle Zikalala, who encouraged the young people to stay away from drugs and other social ills that will rob them of a bright future and who shared words of advice and encouragement with them.


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